About Us

Deanna Troxel of St. Joseph's Parish in Otis Orchards heard God's call to start a group catered specifically to mothers! The group has enabled mothers from across the Inland Empire to gather weekly to discuss the topics that concern us most: our Children, our Marriages, and our Faith.  We’ve gathered to learn how to better answer God’s call in every area of our lives. 
As the group has grown and evolved a mission was discerned.  We all answered God’s call for our lives to bear and raise children.  Not just secular, typical American children, but Catholic Christian Children.  Gabriel the Archangel was chosen as our patron because of his role as God’s messenger.   It was through the Angel Gabriel that Mary learned of her tremendous honor to bear the Son of God.  Throughout the scriptures, it is Gabriel who bears the good news of Salvation.
We all gather to listen to God’s message.  For us, it comes in the form of our community.  Through the study of Catholic Parenting Books, discussion, and prayer we are listening to God’s message to us.