Parents Helping Parents

Part of what makes our group so valuable is the experience each one of us brings to the table.  Please use this section to ask questions and provide answers to others.
For example:
What can I do to keep my 3 year old occupied during Mass so we can actually sit in with the congregation?
How do I help my child discuss our relationship with the saints to their non Catholic Friends?

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  1. So over the last few weeks my 3 year olds "quirks" have seemed to point in a direction of a compulsion. I met with our pediatrician to rule out any possible sensory disorders. After meeting with him I'm no longer worried about those concerns. However the OCD behavior is still a concern. And following up with the pediatrician after he does some further research is on the agenda.

    I've heard of behavior calming techniques such as "time ins" to give children more attention. Do any moms out there have any other ideas for dealing with a strong willed, set in her ways kids?