Lenten Challenge: 40 Bags 40 Days

Jesus, help me to simplify my life by learning what you want me to be and becoming that person.   – Saint Therese of Lisieux

2013 List - My list anyway

Day 1: Clean my car! Yes cleaning the car counts.  Since I’ll be putting bags into it every day for delivery I should start with it clean. 
I have kids… enough said
Day 2: Clear space in the garage for mailing stuff/give to friends
Again I need to start out with a clean place to start storing the “keep” to give away stuff.
Day 3: Guest Bathroom upstairs
Day: 4 Hallway Bookcase
Day 5: Master-bath 
Day 6: Nic’s Room
Day 7: Master Closet
Day 8: Under Master Bed/Trunk/Nightstand
Day 9: Master Dresser
Day 10:Amelia Closet
Day 11: Amelia Closet
Day 12: Amelia Dresser/Nightstand/Bookcase
Day 13: Coat Closet
Day 14: Family Room TV stand
Day 15: Family Room Toys
Day 16: Computer Desk Area
Day 17: Key Ring Area of Kitchen
Day 18: Pantry
Day 19: Fridge 
Day 20: Inside Freezer 
Day 21: Garage Freezer/Garage Entryway
Day 22: Baking/Spice Cabinet
Day 23: Pots/Pans/Bake ware
Day 24: Dishes
Day 25: Living Room/DVD area
Day 26: Downstairs Bathroom
Day 27: Laundry Room
Day 28: Basement (Pantry Side)
Day 29: Basement (Bookcase)
Day 30: Basement (Sewing Station)
Day 31: Basement (Baby Clothes)
Day 32: Basement (Baby Clothes)
Day 33: Basement (Baby Clothes)
Day 34: Basement (Holiday Stuff)
Day 35: Basement (Bedding/Luggage area)
Day 36: Basement (everything else)
Day 37: Garage
Day 38: Garage
Day 39: Garage
Day 40: Filler day to make up for other areas

Some of these days might change.  I should know the gender of the baby by the time I get to baby clothes so I very well could have lots of items to go through and donate.  

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