Monday, September 23, 2013

Read with an accent

Thank you Kelley for the inspiration for this weeks thought process.  I'd like us all to read with an Australian Accent.  Now I don't mean this literally. Well, maybe I do.

In the second half of this chapter Matthew Kelley discusses Incremental Spirituality.  He means to move things forward one step at a time, "losing weight, paying off debt, writing a book, improving your marriage, running long distances," yada yada yada.  I want to take this one step sideways in addition to forward.

Approach these steps with some flair or an accent.  Maybe I'll approach my workout goals with a Transilvanian accent.  I'll draw on my inner vampire and workout at night.  Or I could approach my marriage with a French accent (hugh hugh hugh) if you know what I mean. Or I could approach parenting with a British accent and work on my Super Nanny Skills.  I'll start reading my bank statements in Yiddish in hopes my finances will be easier.  I know I've just about thrown out every stereotype there is, my apologies. :D

We may approach this book and feel as though we're bad Catholics, or that we'll never be able to attain the 7% status.  Lets look at this journey into Dynamic Catholic-hood with some fun and a colorful approach.
Happy Reading!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Song Post

On an unrelated note, my daughter's preschool teacher plays a song at the end of class each day.  It brings back fond memories and makes me happy to hear her sing it at home.  Thankfully I have it in my iTunes and can play it for her when she asks.

So enjoy this song and ponder how well it fits into the book's theme.

Intro to "The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic"

We begin this fall with an exciting book!  I'm thankful we had the opportunity to begin the DVD last week and feel it has put many of us in the right frame of mind for this book.  Before you begin reading or if I missed getting this up in time for most of you please ponder these questions.

"If you get the man right, 
you get the world right." - pg. 7

As many of us remember from our previous book and the DVD we watched, the author stresses that we "become the best version of ourselves."  What is holding us back from becoming the best version of ourselves: our mental state,  addictions, lack of exercise, short temper, are finances weighing me down, am I getting enough sleep, how am I treating my spouse or children, how is my spiritual health? Did I just describe you?  I know I just described myself with each of these instances.  We may have one or the other to overcome.  Some may be easier to overcome than others.  I know I cannot simply wish my infant to sleep through the night.  I know my finances will take some time.  My own parenting style has developed into habits that I am continually trying to improve and adjust as my children's behavior adjusts. What positive steps am I taking to overcome obstacles in each of these areas?  Am I being supportive of others who are trying to deal with these same issues?

In preparing to read this chapter consider this, what do you think is the difference between the engaged and disengaged Catholics?  And remember while reading, focus on yourself.  Am I one of the 7% the author is speaking about in both the positive and negative aspects?  How can acknowledging these yin and yang aspects of the 7% help me to achieve the best version of myself.

We'll be discussion questions 2-4 of Study Guide this week and the remaining questions next week after we finish the chapter.

"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures." Proverbs 24:3-4