Monday, September 23, 2013

Read with an accent

Thank you Kelley for the inspiration for this weeks thought process.  I'd like us all to read with an Australian Accent.  Now I don't mean this literally. Well, maybe I do.

In the second half of this chapter Matthew Kelley discusses Incremental Spirituality.  He means to move things forward one step at a time, "losing weight, paying off debt, writing a book, improving your marriage, running long distances," yada yada yada.  I want to take this one step sideways in addition to forward.

Approach these steps with some flair or an accent.  Maybe I'll approach my workout goals with a Transilvanian accent.  I'll draw on my inner vampire and workout at night.  Or I could approach my marriage with a French accent (hugh hugh hugh) if you know what I mean. Or I could approach parenting with a British accent and work on my Super Nanny Skills.  I'll start reading my bank statements in Yiddish in hopes my finances will be easier.  I know I've just about thrown out every stereotype there is, my apologies. :D

We may approach this book and feel as though we're bad Catholics, or that we'll never be able to attain the 7% status.  Lets look at this journey into Dynamic Catholic-hood with some fun and a colorful approach.
Happy Reading!

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