Friday, April 13, 2012

The Creative Nature of Children: Caine's Arcade

After viewing this remarkable video online I started reflecting upon some of the lessons we can learn from this kid from East LA.  I think there is a lot we can learn.

Caine's Arcade

I first thought about this as a parent.  The boy's father was great in encouraging his kid to think outside the box.  Don't mind the pun. He challenged his child and offered encouragement.  How do we do the same with our own children?

Secondly I look at the mind power it took this young boy to create this magnificent arcade. Do we give our children enough credit for the awesome brain power they've been gifted with? I can honestly say I don't know I give my daughter the credit (although sometimes she slaps it across our face sometimes, she really is smart).

Then I began to think about Deanna's question to us regarding the Catholic Imagination.  How can we continue to foster our children's and our own?  Maybe we take a lesson from the father here, both the father in the video and our heavenly father.  Take the materials given and expand upon them.  Our Father has given us countless resources, the world around us, our community of women, our families, the Word and our Catechism.  Look around and think about how our Lord is trying to inspire us everyday!

I hope this made sense. Thoughts?

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