Thursday, January 16, 2014

Are your 40 Bags ready for use?

As I mentioned yesterday I'm trying to get my home life in order after my disastrous 2013 (home organization/time speaking).  With that, I'm constantly looking around my home to see what needs to be done in order for my life to operate more efficiently.  With that thought process in mind I determined my new goal for this 2014: 40 Bags Challenge.  I will be eliminating duplicates.  I plan to purge/donate/sell anything that I have double of.  Last year I was focusing on everything having a home.  It was going fairly well until it wasn't. I still plan to do that as we all know from toy organization (or lack of), a home base for all items is essential to organization.

Duplicity is evident in every area of my home.  My kitchen has two butcher block knife sets.  I have a tendency to own multiples of one kind of clothing item.  Books on the same topics, coats, pans, crafting stuff, cookbooks.  I'm sure some of you will find that is true in your home too.

In years past I've gone room by room.  With my new goal in mind for this year I am going by bag count.  That way if I have an unexpected event that causes me to miss a day I won't be bound by room delegations.

What are your plans for this years Challenge?  If you haven't thought ahead maybe you should start.  Lent will be here before you know it!


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