Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Novena for Couples Trying to Conceive

Prayer Novena to St. Anne

At our meeting this week, Deanna yet again amazed me.  She remembered that I have a girlfriend who has been trying to conceive for quite a while now.  I'd once had the idea she suggested but never thought it could take root within our group.  Needless to say I was quite excited when she suggested we all participate in praying a Novena for women trying to conceive!

I have taken the task upon myself to organize a Novena since I care dearly for my friend and want her to know the love we all feel for our own children.  In doing some research I've found there to be several Patrons we can turn to for intercession.  A few in particular really stood out.  John Paul II and St. Anne, The Mother of the Virgin Mary.  I've found a beautiful, and easy to follow Novena to St. Anne and thus have chosen her to be our Patron for this cause. 

As we begin this prayer commitment I ask for input on couples you'd like to include.  I believe we established a few today in the group.  In addition to couples trying to conceive I'd like to include couples looking to adopt.  This vocational call is just as powerful and meaningful and deserves our love and attention as well.

The plan, if we can all garner enough initial commitment is to begin this Novena on Sunday, Mother's day.  This seems to be an appropriate occasion to start such a prayer journey.  Don't fear the short notice for this Novena, if this takes off we may make this a regular practice within the group.

Please email me your intentions as soon as you can so we can be sure to include them in our Novena.  Please indicate if you are comfortable with me posting their names on the blog.


  1. My husband is going to be realeased from jail soon. And we are going to try for our first child. My mother in law is so excited for me to get pregnant! We have tried for about a year before this whole jail thing haopened and now that it's about to be out of our way I would be so blessed to have extra prayer helping us conceive. God bless.

    Thank you

    Catherine & Edgar Valles


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