Thursday, May 10, 2012

Print Version of the Novena

Below is the print version for those unable to view the blog daily and listen to the prayer on Audio.  In addition to the print information is a sample of the audio.  Take the time to listen to ensure its working properly before Sunday.
Please pass this along and join in this prayer journey.
Thank you and God Bless!

Novena to St. Anne,
the Mother of the Virgin Mary

(Please ignore my crying baby in the background.)

First, recite this prayer.

Glorious St. Anne,
filled with compassion for those who invoke you,
with love for those who suffer,
heavily laden with the weight of my troubles,
I knee at your feet and humbly beg you
to take my present need under your special protection...

of Sumer & Tyler Fisher
Mike & Laura James
Brooke & Justin Maureau

Vouchsafe to recommend it to your daughter,
the Blessed Virgin Mary,
and lay it before the throne of Jesus.
Cease not to intercede for me until my request is granted.
Above all, obtain for me the grace to one day meet God face to face,
and with you and Mary and all the angels
and saints praising Him through all eternity.


Next, recite the prayer that relates to the day that you are at.
Each prayer will be uploaded and available the beginning of each day.  If you'd like a full copy before we begin please feel free to email me.


  1. I am excited to get started. The audio sounds great, and the crying child was barely noticeable. Thank you for guiding us through this novena.

  2. Happy to do this Deanna! I'm enjoying the thought of praying for my friends and someone I don't even know. The Maureau couple is a friend of Sumer and Tylers in Phoenix.