Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Power of the Eucharist

This Sunday I saw a beautiful gesture between a husband and wife that almost brought me to tears.  The couple in front of me had obviously been married for a multitude of years and had a vibrant and loving relationship.  As I walked behind them at Mass on Sunday (yes, I had no children with me so I was actually able to witness this) they gently held hands.  When we reached Fr. Mike they stood side by side to receive communion.  While each received the Body the other laid hands on their shoulder.  They repeated this gesture for the Blood. 

Now what a beautiful gift to the other! Right? Shouldn't we all long for an understanding from our spouse that as we receive the Holy Eucharist, Christ is dwelling within us? Each recognized this and was honored to share in that gift with their partner.  Truely awesome. 

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