Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just Say No!

(Book Study:  Ten Habits of Happy Mothers by Meg Meeker – Habit #4)

In chapter 4, Meg writes about competition and jealousy with the boldness that I admired in chapters 1 and 2 but found lacking in chapter 3.  Competition and jealousy are difficult topics because they are so personal and reveal much about ourselves.  Most often, when we make comparisons between ourselves and other mothers, we put pressure on ourselves to change.  But sometimes, we put that pressure on the other mother.  The drive for perfection can come from ourselves or from other people.  It has been most difficult for me to realize that many times I have succumbed to the often subtle pressure to be what someone else wants.  Regardless of the source, one solution is to recognize the pressure and to force it out of our lives.  This is easiest to do when we focus on our own gifts and skills.  Our culture offers endless opportunities for fulfillment, but there is no way anyone of us can do it all.  We are finite beings so we have to make choices.  If we focus on one area of our lives, another area is going to suffer.  And that is OK.  A mother’s sanity and happiness depends on her ability to know when to say “No” to the pressure to do more and to be more. 

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