Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Time For Solitude

(Book Study:  Ten Habits of Happy Mothers by Meg Meeker - Habit #6)

In chapter six, Meg encourages mothers to make time for solitude.  She defines this as a time of stillness, reflection, or meditation.  Why do we need this?  Because solitude strengthens our relationships, sharpens our awareness of ourselves and others, brings peace and healing, helps us stay centered and sane in the midst of "choice overload," and encourages us to listen to the voice of God.  What prevents us from making time for solitude?  Put simply - we are too busy.  I believe that Satan keeps us focused on many little things so that we can't pay attention to the few big ones.

I don't have time for a deeper reflection this week, so I am going to pass along an article from Faith and Family Live.  The article doesn't speak directly to a mother's need for solitude (habit #6), but it does address our need to reduce our expectations for ourselves, our families, and our home. The author, Kelly Dolin, blogs at In the Sheepfold.  She is a "real" mom with "real" kids, and takes a relaxed and humorous approach to parenting, so I feel right at home on her blog.  Her friend and neighbor, Rachel Balducci, is a blogger at Testosterhome and author of How Do You Tuck In a Superhero?  You may enjoy her blog or book if you are raising many boys.  Both are funny ladies.

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