Saturday, February 11, 2012

Looking Ahead

At our meeting on February 15, we are discussing Habit #3:  Value and Practice Faith.  The author attempts to separate Faith and Religion, so I will post a response to this within a day or two.  But please don't let this stop you from appreciating her premise that Faith is essential to motherhood. Again, I expect to have a great discussion this next week.

In addition, as Wednesday is the day after St. Valentine's Day, we will have a short party for the little ones.  As John watched his older siblings making cards for their friends, he asked me to make a list of his friends.  So he will be thrilled to have a party.  This will be real simple.  If you are feeling very energetic, your children can make St. Valentine's cards, but if you are like me, just download and print some from one these sites:

Catholic Icing 1 or 2
Three Sided Wheel

I think that we will have about 10 kids, but don't fret about this.  The point is that each child leaves with a few cards.  Remember to bring a small box or paper bag (decorated or not) for your children to collect their cards.  I will bring strawberry milk, heart shaped cinnamon rolls, and a coloring page of St. Valentine.  The party will be short, from 11:30 to 11:45 am (after the meeting).       

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